Q: Can I submit an abstract now?

A: Information will be available in the IMPORTANT DATES section of the conference main page. This will provide you with the relevant abstract submission deadline and submission guidelines, and it will also inform you if the submission period is not yet open, or if the deadline has passed and submissions are no longer being considered.

Q: How do I submit an abstract?

A: Abstract submissions must be done online using the abstract submissions system. The system involves you filling in a simple web form with your contact and abstract details, adding your prepared abstract. The whole submission process is very quick, and means that your abstract is automatically acknowledged and is added to the review system. Please do ensure that you submit carefully and accurately, in order to avoid later revisions. In order that you receive your automatic reply, it is particularly important that you input your email address accurately.

Q: Can I send my abstract via email?

A: You must upload your abstract to the website system. It is the only way your proposal to be taken into consideration.

Q: My abstract has been accepted for presentation. Do I have to register by a particular deadline?

A: Yes, it is absolutely essential that you complete the registration and payment by the registration deadline. The acceptance of your abstract is conditional on your registeration to attend the conference as presenter. Your registration confirms that you will be presenting your material at the conference, and without completing the payment process we will presume that you are no longer able to present. If the deadline is problematic for you for whatever reason, then please contact the Conference Secretariat in order to explain your situation, and in order that we can retain your material in the program


Q: How are the abstracts evaluated?

A: Abstracts are evaluated and selected according to double-blind peer reviews by the scientific committee of the conference and scholars specialized in this field.

Q: When will I receive a response?

A: You will receive a notification in two weeks. If not announced, please wait the abstract submission deadline, sometimes the scientific committee prefers to evaluate all the abstracts together.

If you need an urgent response, you can contact the Conference Secretariat.

Q: My Abstract has been accepted, but I did not receive the Acceptance letter.

If your Abstract has been marked as Accepted on the conference website, but you did not receive the Acceptance letter, you can contact the Conference Secretariat so they can send you the Acceptance letter.

Q: How can I submit my full paper?

For the full text paper submission please check the Full-Text Sumission section on our website.

Q: I can not attend the conference, are you going to send me the certificate?

If you are going to participate via video presentation then the certificate will be sent to the adress you submitted on our website.


Q: When should I register?

You can register as soon as the registration process is opened , but if your Abstract gets accepted do not complete the payment process until you obtain your visa if it is required.

Q: When is the deadline for registration?

The deadline for the registration of presenters can be seen in Important Dates section on the website of the event.

If you are making a presentation at the conference, it is essential that you register according to the author registration deadline which is detailed in the website. If you do not register by this date, your material will be automatically excluded from the final conference program.

Q: Can you send me an Official Invitation Letter for the Visa purposes?

As it is stated in our Terms and Conditions, on our website, we do not provide Invitation letters or any sort of Visa aid. All of the participants are obliged to obtain their visa themselves, before completing the registration payment process.

Q: I can not or do not prefer to pay credit card, which is asked after filling in the registration form.

A: We do not prefer bank transfers, as the international banking system usually causes several confusions and delays. If you must make a money transfer, please consult to the organization secretariat.

Q: How can I receive an invoice?

The invoices will be handed out at the infomation desk, on the day of the conference. In case you do not attend the conference in person, but via video presentation, then you can request for your invoice to be sent to your adress. 

Q: When do I need to pay my registration fee?

A: Your registration fee must be paid in full latest by the deadline stated on the website, in the Important Dates section. Please do not make any payments until you obtain your visa, if neccesary.

Q: Is there a chance to participate with a help or scholarship?

A: Unfortunately, we can not help funding your participations. We do not offer any scholarships or discounts. 

Q: My paper has more than one author. Should we all fill in the registration form and pay the regular registration fee of the related category?

A: Every registration order covers the attendance of one author. Each author can submit up to two Abstracts. If more then one Author is going to present one Abstract, they need to complete the registration and payment process too but they do not need to submit that Abstract.

Q: Can I bring a companion with me to the conference?

A: People who are not registered can attend to the conference as audience but they can not have the conference materials.

Q: Can I pay on the spot?

All of the registration payments need to be completed before the deadline, and through our online system. We cannot accept any payments on the day of the conference


Q: I have to cancel my place at the conference. Can a colleague attend in my place?

A: This is usually not a problem. Please inform the Conference Secretariat in writing of your details, plus the contact details of the person who will be attending in your place. A substitution can then be made, and no extra charge or cancellation penalty is incurred.

Q: I must cancel my place at the conference. What should  I do and how will be refunded?

A: Just after you have informed the Secretariat, we will cancel your order. On our website in the Terms and Conditions section, you can read more about the cancellation process and the refund.